Noble Isle Golden Harvest Hand Lotion 1L Refill

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About Noble Isle Golden Harvest Hand Lotion 1L Refill

Never be without your favourite Noble Isle Golden Harvest luxury hand lotion, with this 1 litre refill bottle. Designed to be poured into the standard 250ml bottle.

This glorious blend of mellow fruitfulness was inspired by fruits of the vine. It is enriched with notes of violet leaf, sun-ripened grape and green apple, and is embellished with the gentle fizz of juniper berry. 

Similar to a fine wine, the Golden Harvest luxury hand lotion releases a bouquet of fragrance to stimulate the olfactory palette, with its fruity signature of the aromatic artemisia, rose and jasmine. 

A real treat for the hands, it refreshes and leaves the skin smoothed and hydrated. 

Key benefits

  • Refill hand lotion
  • Noble Isle's bestselling Golden Harvest scent
  • Hydrates and refreshes the skin
  • Infused with artemisia, rose and jasmine