A therapeutic, aromatherapy collection designed to help you retreat, reset and renew the mind and body. Founded by the modern day alchemist, Michelle Roques-O’Neil, a qualified aromatherapist and Reiki Master, Therapie was built on 40 years experience. Offering restorative products that heal the mind and body, the collection is both sensual, grounding and utterly luxurious. 

Why we chose Therapie:

  • Therapie's complete collection has been formulated to create mindful rituals to help you cope with life’s daily stresses
  • Each and every product is blended vibrationally and hand-created in small batches at their Portobello Distillery in London
  • Therapie encourages you to make space, feel grounded, and allow yourself to be more in tune with your feelings, encouraging you to reconnect and care for your mind and body


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